Why This Gold Miner Has Considerably Outperformed The Sector Since 2008

New Gold (NGD) and its world class gold/copper project El Morro partnered

with mining titan Goldcorp (GG) has decided to commence construction of one

of the world’s largest gold-copper projects after the Chilean winter.


Quoting Randall Oliphant, Chairman of NGD, “"Our 30 percent interest in El

Morro positions us very well as we have a meaningful share of this great

project, with a proven mine developer and operator as a partner and a

favorable financing arrangement that carries us through production."


China is easing financial and fiscal policies for at least the first 6

months of this year.  This action is letting the world financial markets

know that carefully chosen mining equities are the place to be.  China has

flipped the “risk on”switch for precious metal equities.


Inflationary forces, possibly gut wrenching are in the cards.  The losers

may well be the possessors of dollars and purportedly safe treasuries.

This will be the impetus to move capital out of cash,treasuries and

overvalued banks into mining equities and commodities.


The gold mining stocks have recently underperformed gold bullion since

2011. Since the 2008 credit crisis, one company New Gold has delivered on

its stated promises and has rewarded original GST subscribers of more than

a 1,000% gain since highlighting it in May of 2009 outperforming the gold

mining index and gold bullion by a wide margin.

See our original recommendation from 2009.

In this recent interview with Randall Oliphant, Executive Chairman of New

Gold (NGD), we discuss why the company has outperformed its peers and why

it has one of the best resource growth profiles in the business with El

Morro, New Afton and their recently acquired Blackwater Project in British



See the interview below:


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