"I have been only following you for about a month or so (found you via Stansberry) and I must admit that I have been very impressed with your postings.  There are only a few letters that I get excited about (most are additional reading material to add in various commentary and contrary opinions), but I actually get excited when I see an email from The Gold Stock Trades"
-Nicolas Radin 7-25-10

"excellent - will really help you - not alot of fluff like the other guys.....know when to get in, when to get out, what to get - thats what you need- not alot of fluff which isnt going to make you money....this guy is awesome ... he does this from his heart to help people ... these other fake writers telling you can make money with their fluff blogs could easily learn what it is to write a REAL BLOG THAT CAN MAKE YOU MONEY ! HOW THE hell are you going to make money if you dont know what to get , when to get it and when to get out? these other writers dont do this - their fake thats all -- this guy is the real deal ! read and learn !"

-Lou 7-27-10

"I took an 8 week course with Jeb and learned so much. He facilitated a stock market class with the president of the school that taught everyone from day traders to beginners in the same class successfully, we all got something out of it. I used his strategies to pick stock ticker "HGSI". I bought in at $2.66 and sold at $25.00 in less than 6 months. He gave me the confidence to take over my mutual funds on my own."

-Safari 8-2-10

"The best technician I know after following the market for 50 years.  Simple, to the point and most important profitable."

-Ed 8-5-10

"Thanks to Jeb, I could retire off one recommendation."

-Alyce 8-11-10

"Thanks for your first Report!  Very interesting! I have been following 4 of the 5 recommendations. I like your clear style. I must say I look forward to your reports."

-Dick Smith 8-15-10

"Hello Jeb!

Thank you for the report today! Great work :)"

-Helge Simonsen 8-21-10

"I just checked all the charts and you are right on. This is my first review of your paper. I like it. I also did my own charting of each of the stocks that you had charted and I'd certainly agree with you. Thank you for your paper, it looks like I will appreciate it and so will my friend."

-Susan Wilson 8-23-10

"Good job!!!  Your report was thorough, insightful, and thought provoking.  I appreciate it a lot.  I'm blessed to know you now."

-Richard 8-27-10

"Thank you for the analysis. I like your style. I was originally drawn to your commentary because I like many of the same stocks you do.Your technical analysis is appreciated as I am still learning the ropes there."

-Eric 9-5-10

"A masterful analysis of todays' action! Really! WoW!!!"

-Edward 9-18-10

"I've been receiving email alerts of your Gold Stock Trades letter for almost two years, and like what you have so far delivered for the 30 day free trial of the paid service.   We are out here, and we are listening.  I would be happy to pay the fee once you go to the paid service."

-Tim O'Brien 9-21-10

"You are a hard working guy."

-Dennis Travers 9-23-10

"I have been a student of the markets for over 20 years, and an amateur 'technician' for most of those.  Jeb's concise and easy to read style takes a complex subject and makes it approachable for the average investor.  I look forward to the blog posts and emails, and often times base my trading decisions on Jeb's analysis."

-Mark M. 9-27-10

Your reasoned, fact based analysis continues to impress.  I don't get the idea I am being pumped.  I'm certainly an amateur but spend much time reading message boards, professional analysts and doing my own DD.  You inspire confidence in helping me make my own decisions.

-Dennis 8-12-10

I am quite impressed with your analysis work, some of the best I have seen after trading for 25 years.

-Gale 8-11-10

Your work is excellent.

-Gary 8-16-10