Gold Makes Bullish Breakout as Investors Fear Higher Interest Rates $GDXJ

Its been a great week for the beaten up gold investors as capital sought safety as a market panic started. In reality, the stock market was way overbought and needed at least a shakeout which it has done pulling back to the rising 200 DMA. For months I have been early seeing declining momentum and insider selling in the Large Caps. Despite that the share price of large cap equities continued into nosebleed territory. I was taught years ago that the smart investors sell into rising markets and buy into declining markets. That's how the intelligent investors get in early. You can witness this phenomenon possibly through the divergence between momentum and price as we see in chart below. The trend is a friend until its broken on huge volume. During this week's market selloff gold remained the true safe haven not crypto as was promoted by the young 20 year old know nothings.
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