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Its Like 1999 All Over Again For TSX Venture $CDNX Investors

I would never of thought it but its like 20 years have gone by and TSX Venture investors are at same value as 1999. At that time copper was under 75 cents a pound. Now its close to $3 per lb. Gold was under $300 now its above $1200. The junior mining space is the cheapest its ever been and I believe it could be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Meanwhile, the stock and bond market may have already topped. The US dollar is about to be manipulated lower as the US needs to pay back the huge debts with cheaper dollars.
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Best Drill Hole in Canada in 2018 $SUNM.V $LLC.V Stardust Property ???

Despite this horrible bear market in junior miners that has been ongoing for several years. This month we saw a major discovery hole come out of BC with Mark O'Dea's Sunmetals $SUNM.V drilling the best intercept ever hit at the property in North Central British Columbia and possible the best drill result in Canada in 2018. They hit over 100 meters of 5% copper equivalent. That is spectacular! Lots more hopefully to come this year.
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Are You Ready For the Fall Fireworks in Gold – Silver After Labor Day?

Over the years, I have come into contact with some of the smartest fund managers in the gold business and the intelligent money was very excited to see this selloff in gold as a long-term discount buying opportunity. Long-time investors know that the summer months are usually down that is why they call it the summer doldrums when investors go on vacation and price and volume levels usually decrease. What does this record short position and precious metals fund liquidation mean to smart contrarian value gold investors?
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NuLegacy Gold $NUG.V $NULGF Could Be Onto Next Goldrush in Cortez Trend

Barrick and Oceanagold are already insiders. Toqueville Gold is also a major fund backing NuLegacy as an insider. You got the smartest shareholders and the best technical team. Remember these guys are looking for a grand slam giant deposit. As the CEO stated before in an interview “Elephant-sized deposits [are] the goal. That is why we have been given the mandate and the geological brain trust to step out and drill some of these high-impact targets. It’s the home run that people are looking for.”
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Get Out of Cannabis and Crypto and Move Into Gold and Silver

At the conference I had dozens of meetings with juniors. One of the things that impacted me most was when the CEO's showed up and mentioned to me that they were recently buying their own shares. This is a very bullish testament to me as an investor and it was nice to see two of the CEO's telling me that they are putting heavy amounts of their own net worth in recently as they believe their own stock has value and should rise.
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Silver Stocks May Be Cheapest Opportunity In Decade

Gold miners have kept in line with gold bullion and stocks so far this year. Copper, zinc and palladium have outperformed both stocks and gold. However, silver and silver stocks have lagged behind but I believe they could not only play catch up but they could far surpass the gains of these other metals as their is a record short that may soon have to cover if the US dollar finally breaks down. Silver may be the cheapest and best opportunity in the market right now from a value perspective. If you notice the silver to gold ratio has not reached this high since 2008 and 2002.
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