Monthly Archives: September 2011

The Rare Earth Sector: Questions Must Be Asked

As exciting as the critical metals sector is becoming, Gold Stock Trades' Jeb Handwerger warns that the public is being bombarded with misleading information, even at the highest levels of commerce and policy. In this exclusive article for The Critical Metals Report, Jeb gives his take on Molycorp's recent presentation to Congress, and outlines key points investors and policymakers alike should use to inform their decisions.
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Compelling Values In Gold, Silver and Miners After Correction

One of my readers just wrote, “Jeb, is the world coming to an end?” These words are music to my ears as they indicate the fear from which significant rallies occur in precious metals. Stay tuned to the rally that inevitably arises from such pessimism in my daily bulletin.
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Great Potential Upside In Gold and Silver Miners

We remain firmly aboard the long term ascent of the golden highway. However, we are now reaching a point where the gold trade is becoming overcrowded and we see greater potential upside in our undervalued miners such as the Gold Miners ETF (NYSE:GDX) and Silver Miners ETF(NYSE:SIL).
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