Monthly Archives: November 2013

Uranium Price Makes Fourth Quarter Comeback Surprise

Similar to Peyton Manning and Joe Montana, uranium is making a great fourth quarter comeback after many fans have already left the stadium. As predicted, Uranium Participation is outperforming the S&P500 in November up over 13% while the S&P500 makes a 2.5% move. Watch these three junior uranium mining stocks as we end 2013. Some are already making major breakouts. We may be watching a great fourth quarter comeback in some of these high quality junior mining shares.
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Emerging Gold Producer In Nevada Outperforming Barrick and Newmont Mining For Over Two Years

If it was not for Barrick's and Newmont's Nevada mines they would probably be bankrupt by now. The infrastructure, stability and experienced local labor force in Nevada makes it just too appealing for investors than other places in the World like South America and West Africa where there are too many geopolitical risks. There is no doubt we have been in one of the toughest mining bear markets in modern history. Any one can pick stocks in a rising bull market. It is the analysts and fund managers who can predict the winners that are outperforming in a bear market and the coming turnaround that should be followed. For a long time, I told you to watch this junior gold miners as it was coming into production and could gain market share from the big gold mining giants such as Barrick and Newmont who made stupid moves with high cost projects in risky jurisdictions. This stock has significantly outperformed over the past two years for the following reasons.
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This Junior Gold Miner Is Under Buying Accumulation Over Second Half

Some high quality, junior gold miners are already turning higher as investors believe there should be increasing merger and acquisition activity in 2014. The majors have written down billions of uneconomic gold and silver mines. They have cashed up and are actively looking for the low cost, high grade and economic assets in stable jurisdictions. Investors should prepare by buying some attractive takeout targets with new discoveries that can be put into production with less capital expenditures. Despite the bearish sentiment on the junior gold miners some of our featured companies have been under major accumulation. They may be the next targets.
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