Monthly Archives: February 2018

Gold Is Almost Ready To Make the $1400 Breakout!

I recently went to the Money Show conference in Orlando and saw a lot of buzz around crypto currency and cannabis but very little about lithium, cobalt, zinc, copper and precious metals. Notice the pricing in lithium and cobalt is surging. Gold is on verge of huge breakout at $1400. Remember the days struggling companies would change there names to dot coms? Now they are adding blockchain to their names to dupe investors into the latest fad. Well I'm not falling for it and either should you! Stick to the metals and commodities just beginning to breakout into multi year highs. Look to early stage explorers and developers known as junior miners with top tier assets and management teams with track records and are debt free. See full report by clicking here or you can download attached pdf. Please comment with your thoughts?
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