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Junior Rare Earth Miner Soars On State of Alaska Support

No other rare earth company I know of has been given the local support like this one has received from the State of Alaska. Shareholders and management are very thankful to the state as the value of this asset should continue to soar on this historic and unprecedented local geopolitical support. This is the first time that I have seen a state actually propose financial support to a rare earth mine. A heavy rare earth project like this could be bring huge economic opportunities and jobs to Southeast Alaska and restore U.S. independence. This may signify that this rare earth miner has regained itself as the U.S. leader in the heavy rare earth race. Look for a bullish golden crossover after this historic and high volume technical breakout.
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Focus on Stable Platinum and Palladium Miners in N. America

The platinum and palladium market has grown substantially in the past generation in its use in catalytic converters to reduce noxious air emissions such as carbon monoxide and particulate matter from automobiles. The use of catalytic converters in the developed countries has reduced emissions drastically. However, demand is rising for catalytic converters in China as the government may be instituting increased regulations to reduce toxic air emissions. There is a major health concern in major cities in China due to thick and dark smog. The large cities are increasing regulations to control air emissions to alleviate this dangerous problem.
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Resource Sector Should Heat Up with M&A in 2014

The resource sector is heating up with merger and acquisition activity as I predicted only a few weeks ago in this recent article. When the herd was ignoring our sector I positioned my readers ahead of the curve and called it a rare holiday bargain sale. Now only a few weeks later the resource sector is leading the market as evidenced by the outperformance of the TSX Venture Index over the Dow Jones Industrial Average and rise above its 200 day moving average. A huge influx of money has been rotating from the overvalued blue chips, social media, bank and real estate sectors into the junior mining resource stocks. This chart below shows that the Venture Dow Ratio is breaking out above the 200 day for the first time in three years. Look for a bullish golden crossover of the 10 and 40 week moving average for a confirmation of the bottom. Goldcorp (GG) is launching a hostile takeover for Osisko Mining (OSK.TO) for $2.6 billion. Goldcorp is going after Malartic low grade-bulk tonnage Malartic Gold Mine. If Goldcorp is buying a low grade, high production asset then they probably think gold prices are headed significantly higher unlike the pundits on the TV.
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