In Colombia’s Antioquia Province Gold Mines Can Be Permitted in Under 2 Years

Its important to note that gold and silver may be on the verge of its next
leg higher.  Gold is breaking through its 200 DMA on huge volume as the
Trump Honeymoon period wears off in the USA.
Also watch the French election as that may lead to a selloff in the Euro.
Interest in gold and silver as a safe haven should grow as I expect the US
attempts to devalue the US dollar and slap tariffs on currency and
commodity manipulators such as the Chinese.  The whole balance of diplomacy
is changing in front of our very eyes as the US under Trump is a major

This could lead to an absolutely huge move in gold and silver quickly to
$1500 per ounce and then a possible accelerated breakout move through 2011
highs at $1900 and move closer to $2700.  If this moves occurs junior
mining investors will be quite content sitting on emerging junior

For years I have ventured into Colombia as an exciting jurisdiction to
find high grade gold.  In addition, my research showed that Colombia was
supportive of mining especially certain provinces where mines could be
permitted under 2 years.

Some of our early investments are coming into commercial production and
have moved from the Venture exchange to the TSX Big Board and have made
close to 5 baggers for early subscribers from back in 2014 who believed in
Colombia especially the mining friendly Antioquia Province.

Now there is an additional opportunity that I am slowly buying and they
have come on as a website sponsor.  It should be noted there is not much
liquidity and low volume as it is relatively unknown especially among
mining investors.  This is not new to us.  

I have found completely illiquid unfollowed situations which became the
top performers of the exchange just by identifying top assets backed by high
quality shareholders.  

Most investors were completely unaware when I started talking about
Colombia in 2014 that the country is one of the strongest with regards to
mining law and political stability.  Many did not believe that mines could
be permitted under two years.  

Now the majors realize this is not only a great district to find high
grade gold but permitting could be one of the most efficient in South America.  

Pay attention now to this junior miner who is now fully permitted
and funded to begin gold production in Colombia this year.  For years these
reserves of gold in Antioquia were left untouched due to a civil war.
There was fear of kidnapping/ However, recent peace treaties is opening up
the riches of Colombia gold to the world.  The rebels have laid down their
arms and peace has returned.  This means the untapped gold resources is now
open for development and exploration.

This little miner is one of two juniors that have survived the
bear market in gold got permitted and are moving into production.  In
addition the upside could be enormous.  The last sixty years has left the
ground untouched.  Now with modern technology the majors may be looking at
these junior producers and saying maybe there is a lot more high grade at
these projects.  

This is a high grade deposit that is around 5 grams a tonne.  The company
decided to focus on getting into production as a priority rather than
building ounces in the ground especially during a bear market when
exploration was not funded.  

Now the timing may be perfect.  They could use the cash flow from
production to explore now in a bull market for gold without being dilutive
to existing shareholders.  I expect the next few months to be quite
exciting as we watch this little junior move from the 99% of juniors who
don’t make it into the 1% that do actually make it to a producer.

This emerging gold producer is backed by a Private Peruvian Mining Group that has
operating mines in Peru that produced hundreds of thousands of ounces last
year.  They own about 70% of the shares and are backstopping the
construction loan which de-risks Antioquia financially and technically as
they have a lot of mine planning and gold processing experience.  

This Peruvian Group is taking a huge bet on Antioquia and Colombia as they
may see at as a near term dividend producer with the long term upside
potential of a lot of high grade gold. 

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Disclosure: This interview/article is an advertisement and contains
forward looking statements which may not come to fruition.  I own shares in
linked company and the company is a website advertiser which means I have a
conflict of interest as I could benefit if the stock goes up in value.  I
may buy or sell at anytime without notice to subscribers.  This is not
financial advice.  Buyer beware junior mining stocks are risky!

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consideration and the amount thereof.”


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