Jeb Handwerger, “Prices for rare earths could be making a comeback.”

Commodities have seen a broad decline, but prices for rare-earth elements are poised for a recovery.

That may come as a surprise following the bankruptcy filing by U.S. rare-earth miner and producer Molycorp Inc. earlier this year, and given the uncertainty surrounding metals demand and the economy in China, a country which controls nearly all of the world’s rare-earth market.

But “don’t ignore the rare-earth sector because of low rare-earth prices and the failure of the Western producers,” Jeb Handwerger.

“Eventually, the Chinese producers will be unable to supply the world with cheap rare earths,” he said. “Demand is rising rapidly, especially in military technologies, clean energy and smartphones/tablets” and supply risks remain.

See the full interview with Jeb Handwerger entitled, "Rare-earth elements are poised for a recovery" on


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