Why You Must Not Give Up On The Rare Earth Sector

It is important to highlight what must be said in this sector so essential to the economic survival of the United States and The West. We will not belabor our readers knowledge of the importance to our industrial survival especially of the critical rare earths. It is agreed that these elements are the very lifeblood of national growth as a modern nation.

It is well known that as our corporate society evolves, these elements are vital for countries to stay competitive with the Chinese who are actually making constructive advances in this area. Just think of the benefits that could accrue to the Japanese Auto Industry if they didn’t have to go hat in hand to their Chinese neighbors who are exploiting the rare earth issue asking for more a la Oliver Twist.

Not only do the Chinese have a twenty year lead on what was essentially our native domestic wealth, but they are issuing declarations that they will be importing these elements for their own industrial base. Adding chutzpah to injury they are inviting foreign entities to set up factories in China! This is a Catch-22, in that along with the Chinese seduction will come all of the intellectual property from the West.

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