GO USA! First New #Copper Mine in USA in 10 Years

For many years Gold Stock Trades has been at the cutting edge of new trends like the electrification of the automobile and a resurgence of mining in the USA for precious and battery metals.

I have searched high and low for the best US mineral assets which can supply gigafactories with the much needed metals needed for electric vehicles and technology.

I have written to some of our top leaders to start developing and incentivizing a return to US mining and manufacturing for the following reasons.

We have become energy independent with regards to oil.  Nevertheless, we import our most important metals like uranium, copper, rare earths and lithium and are totally reliant on foreign countries to supply a whole litany of the periodic table.

This comes at a huge cost.  A major legal case has been launched against the largest tech companies such as Apple, Google, Microsoft and Tesla for using child slave labor.

Families are seeking damages for their relatives that were killed and maimed to provide the materials used in smartphone devices. 

This is the first such case and should bring more support for mining in the USA rather than in other places which take advantage of children.

Demand for copper and cobalt is soaring but a lot originates from areas with extreme poverty and no labor laws.

Washington DC is seeing a push led by President Trump to boost domestic mineral production, development and exploration for the first time in decades.

News came out recently in our sector that a junior copper producer has started mining again in Nevada.  Its the first new copper mine in the USA in over a decade.  

The mine could produce around 27k tonnes of copper annually at a cost below $2 and mine life is at least 13 years but they are also drilling and discovering a lot more copper at surface which is open pit amenable.

This means they could expand significantly and have first mover advantage.  The automakers are all looking to expand their battery and electric vehicle making industry in the Western USA.

This demand growth is going to require a lot more battery metals more specifically copper which has not yet moved like gold and silver but could have its day soon possibly turning the corner to hit new highs.

The stock is forming a cup and handle and has broken out above the 200 DMA which is technically bullish.

Listen to my recent interview with the CEO of this new copper producer in the USA...the first one in 10 years!

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