Three #InterestRateHikes Then “Stumble” into #Gold #Silver #JuniorMiningStocks

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Now that the Fed has met and increased interest rates for the third time, I
expect more capital to rotate from overvalued stocks to the junior miners
similar to what we saw after the dot com crash.  This bubble in stocks
could be on the verge of a precipitous fall which could abruptly wipe out
the capital chasing stocks higher into nosebleed levels.  

Bitcoin and paper currencies are losing favor while gold and silver may
come back later this year and certainly in 2018 when many of the major
producers are set for a supply shortfall.  As stocks correct and treasury
yields rise with rising inflation more investors will flock to our illiquid
junior mining sector seeking tangible assets for protection and a hedge
against hyperinflation.  

The junior mining sector is small compared to the 70’s and 80’s when gold
was much higher when inflation is considered.  I expect to see more gold
and silver mining funds get started.  Once we breakthrough old highs of
2011 with gold and silver things will go ballistic for junior gold miners
especially new emerging producers who are coming into production while the
tired old producers are looking for new high grade, low cost replacement

That is why I scour spending hours searching the junior markets for the 3-5
emerging low cost gold producers which could be rerated as they progress
into commercial production and get noticed by the general market and value

I recently discussed a new optimization plan with $NEE.V $NHVCF
#northernvertex CEO Ken Berry on the Moss Mine just south of Las Vegas in
NW Arizona.  They recently put out news about proposing a power line be
built to the property which could save the mine $16 million over five
years.  This is exciting for all the fundamentals of the project which is
already extremely impressive.

The job creation could create an economic boon to the region especially if
the company finds more mineralization below the vein at depth.  They are
actively drilling and had some exciting results weeks ago showing some
exciting upside potential.  The power line is much better than the
generators that were planned as it will reduce emissions considerably.  

The mine could definitely help out the region which has been hit hard with
high unemployment and could improve some of the nearby infrastructure and
roads.  Remember this company owns one of the lowest cost gold mines going
into production with all in sustaining costs way below $700 per ounce.  I
am shocked that more mid-tiers or majors have not at least taken an equity
stake in this project of just under 20% or 10%.

If you are a miner this is a project you want to work at as Bullhead City, AZ
is just 20 minutes from the site.  So miners with families can be home for
supper which is a rare opportunity.   Construction is underway and over 45
million has been put into this project to date.  Its a tremendous location
for a new mine near Vegas and Phoenix and it should be put on your radar. 

This company is on the doorstep of production however pay attention to the
step out drilling they are doing which could significantly expand mine life
and resources.  I would say the next couple of months could be quite
exciting for Northern Vertex $NEE.V $NHVCF as they advance the Moss Mine
closer to production in 2017.  

After highlighting the company earlier this year the stock shot up in price
allowing some of the existing warrant holders the opportunity to exercise
their positions strengthening the treasury and improving the balance sheet
of Northern Vertex. The stock has pulled back to its breakout point.

Listen to my full interview with $NEE.V $NHVCF #northernvertex CEO Ken
Berry by clicking here…

Disclosure: I own Northern Vertex and they are a website sponsor so please
be aware I have conflict of interests and hope to benefit from price
increases.  This contains forward looking statements which may not come to
fruition as small cap stocks are incredibly risky.  Buyer beware!  I am not
a financial advisor and this is not investment advice or a solicitation to
buy or sell stock.  This should be considered an advertisement and not
investment advice!

Section 17(b) provides that:
“It shall be unlawful for any person, by the use of any means or
instruments of transportation or communication in interstate commerce or by
the use of the mails, to publish, give publicity to, or circulate any
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for sale, describes such security for a consideration received or to be
received, directly or indirectly, from an issuer, underwriter, or dealer,
without fully disclosing the receipt, whether past or prospective, of such
consideration and the amount thereof.”


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