Toll Milling in Mexico Could Generate Near Term Cash Flow

Cyprium Mining (CUG.V) is following in the footsteps of Dynacor (DNG.TO) in Peru.  Dynacor has done very well financially going from $.40 to over $2 from 2012-2014 through the toll milling business model which processes ore from nearby mines and uses the cash flow for project development and exploration.

Cyprium's market cap below $5 million is one tenth of Dynacor's and is located in Mexico which has its advantages to Peru. Cyprium Mining (CUG.V) is centered in Chihuahua State in Northern Mexico, an active mining district with several operating mines.

Cyprium just announced that they secured a 100 metric ton per day flotation plant which will immediately be used to offer toll milling to other miners in the area.  At the same time revenues from milling could provide cash flow to develop the Las Cristinas Project where they are hitting on excellent drill results.

Cyprium recently intersected high grade massive sulphide veins near surface which means it has potential for near term copper production.  The company has filed an application for permits to begin production on Las Cristinas by the end of 2014 and begin underground exploration.

Having access to a mill, places Cyprium in a much stronger position as profits from milling could be applied to advancing Las Cristinas rather than just diluting shareholders with further equity raises.  Cyprium's business plan is to find low capex projects and generate cash flow through milling to advance large exploration targets.  Management is experienced in mining/milling and live full time in Mexico nearby the facility.

Cyprium is run by Andre St. Michel who has spent the last ten years working and living in Mexico.  He previously started a copper-zinc mine where he was responsible for the operation of a mine with annual revenues of $27 million.

Mr. Lambert, Cyprium Chairman stated: "We have now achieved a major milestone in the development of Cyprium's business. Having access to a processing facility without the need to build or to make major investments not only will help minimize the dilution of our shareholders but it will provide us with the ability to start generating revenues even before Las Cristinas comes into production."

The recent drilling results and mill acquisition could increase the visibility and market share of Cyprium.  Look for a breakout of a year long base around $.20.

See my recent interview with Cyprium Chairman Alain Lambert by clicking here or viewing below.

For further info on Cyprium Mining Contact:

Alain Lambert, Chairman
Phone: (514) 219-7988

Disclosure: I own Cyprium and they are a website sponsor.  Please do your own due diligence.


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