Breakout Move In Silver Forecasting Global Hyper-Inflation

Turmoil in Peru, Mexico, Argentina and Bolivia is adding to the world’s already existing shortage of silver.  This supply crunch is combined with rising political uncertainty in Egypt, Syria and Iran and economic malaise in the EU and the United States which is causing investment demand for silver to rise exponentially.  China is flexing its muscles in the South China Seas and is covertly importing silver to hedge against major declines in the U.S. dollar.  Recently we called a major top in treasuries in late July and a breakout move into silver for several weeks.


All signs are pointing to a possible global inflation which could propel silver prices higher possibly from a ration of 60:1 to 30:1 in a relatively short time.  This happened before in August 2010 right before Jackson Hole when we called the major breakout which occurred where silver ran from $18 to $50.  Click here to see prediction.We called the top in April 2011 close to $50 and were quoted in Marketwatch: “Silver has rallied, moving exponentially, while gold is still moving linear,” said Jeb Handwerger, editor of, in recent newsletters. “I am very concerned that silver may be overheating as the herd tries to force their way into this trade.”  See the marketwatch article from April of 2011 by clicking here...

We have record deficits in the U.S. where many citizens are looking to protect their savings from a potential devaluation to pay down record debts by buying silver.  With the recent Obamacare Supreme Court Ruling entitlement spending will soar and the governments only way out is through a massive stimulus which may be discussed this Friday at the Annual Fed Meeting in Jackson Hole.

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