Gold About To Breakout $1800

It was 2008 and we were in the middle of the Great Financial Crisis.  At the time I was working as a math teacher with a small family.  I was already investing in junior gold miners for 10 years before I took the plunge to go full time into becoming a mining entrepreneur leaving a secured tenure academic position for full time mining speculation. 

In the beginning of 2009 the junior miners started a major 3 year rally where in many cases we saw major outsized gains.  I did very well and the same with my newsletter.  This lasted to the summer of 2012.  For almost 7 years the gold price corrected and for junior miners that means you have work twice as hard just to stay in the same place.  For a newsletter writer a declining portfolio and fewer subscribers means eating ramen noodles for years.   

Now that appears to be changing as banks around the world have used this coronavirus crisis to completely turn on the printing presses to print fiat currency at a record pace.  The Central Bank balance sheets are going parabolic and they are even buying etf's completely manipulating stock prices.  In the USA over 40 million are unemployed and relationships with minorities are at all time low.  There is so much racism and anti semitism in USA.  Unfortunately I've witnessed it first hand.  We need to stop stereotyping and love one another despite our different beliefs or skin color.  We are all GD's Children.


Its at these chaotic times when investors turn to gold and the junior miners.  Gold broke out in the summer of 2019 but I believe the big breakout for junior miners could be this summer.  That is why I ask you to research some unique situations that are crossing my desk.  I ask that you review the management interviews do more due diligence and give me feedback.  I have been following junior miners for 20 years and have passionately studied and traded this sector at least 40 hours a week for 20 years.

Please note I am followed by the best and the brightest in the mining sector as I've been involved with some of the best and lowest cost producing gold mines at an early stage.  My blog has archives from last cycle where I highlight New Gold and Fronteer Gold.  I also highlighted Fosterville, Great Bear, Integra, K92...list goes on and on.  I have been blessed and am so grateful.  I also have many losses and no one is more self critical and hard on themselves then me.  Let's just say I take it personally to a point where I can't sleep at night.  

I am sharing my knowledge with you as I believe sharing is caring.  The newsletter is a way for me to give back and at the same time get joy in sharing and find greater meaning in junior mining investing.  Believe me when gold corrected and silver was manipulated lower it was painful. 

Losing my money was hard but seeing people lose money was just devastating to me especially the older generation.  I've had to learn how to get back up which is a key part of the junior mining game, stock market and life.  Many of my subscribers from the last cycle are gone now into the next world like my Dad.  But they are the ones that advised me to be patient and fortitude waiting for next cycle and rotating into winners.

We have been so blessed to recently see a few winners get some major investments.

1)For over a year I helped market a small West Mali junior that I found after a fishing trip here in Miami with the CEO of a neighboring company who highlighted the gold they were finding in the district.  I couldn't invest in that at the time as I was restricted to North American Exchanges.  But I found this neighboring stock which I recognized and wrote about online the possibility it could be the next Fekola which is a marquis mine in Mali with over 5 million ounces of gold and this could become possibly Ashanti 2.0. Chairman of the company was the one who built Ashanti in Africa and is extremely well know in mining history. Check out this CEO Youtube interview here please like and comment.  They just raised $7.5 million which means lots of news flow going forward!

2)I recently invested in another Africa gold explorer whose President worked with the Chairman of the company above as his exploration manager at Ashanti.  These guys have over 40 years experience studying these belts and Barrick just announced that drilling is about to begin.  Remember Barrick's CEO Bristow is an African Gold mining genius and he is choosing to work on this juniors property starting any day soon.  We could see another Kibali mine in the making.  No one knows about this yet!  Not only do you have Barrick drilling but this little junior has a couple million ounces of gold with a current entreprise value of under $15 per ounce in the ground.  Click here to hear the CEO interview please like and comment!

3)One of the junior miners I featured recently has possibly the highest grade silver discoveries in South America.  They just announced a new discovery which could connect two major discoveries 1.5 km apart.  It means it could be a lot bigger and higher grade than the market realizes.  Billionaire Eric Sprott gets it and he was just a lead order in a major $5 million financing that was closed and fully allocated in minutes.  Check out this CEO Youtube interview please like and comment.   


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