Its Like 1999 All Over Again For TSX Venture $CDNX Investors

I would never of thought it but its like 20 years have gone by and TSX Venture investors are at same value as 1999.  At that time copper was under 75 cents a pound.  Now its close to $3 per lb.  Gold was under $300 now its above $1200.

The junior mining space is the cheapest its ever been and I believe it could be a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Meanwhile, the stock and bond market may have already topped.  The US dollar is about to be manipulated lower as the US needs to pay back the huge debts with cheaper dollars.

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There is a lot of press on how electric vehicles are going to need a lot of #batterymetals especially #copper.  The big miners are actively looking to replace many of the old mines that are getting shutdown especially with high grade deposits in mining friendly jurisdictions.

See the big news this week in Canada of a huge new copper discovery in BC?  Check it out by clicking here...

Have a great weekend and remember we only have about six weeks left of tax loss selling before what could be a great rally ahead.


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