Gold Stocks Are Cheaper Than Manure, Uranium and Cobalt Breakout

#Uranium and #Cobalt Breaks Out This Week on Supply Concerns $KBLT.V $CCJ See this private video update here

At the end of August I turned bullish on uranium price. Now just two months later the are breaking out led by bellwether $CCJ#Cameco which I just bought on the triple top breakout yesterday.SharpChartv05-3.ServletDriver

 say there could be a Huge year end rally in #cobalt ??? Look at year end over past 3 years.  Glencore's Katanga Mining just got shut down due to radioactive contaminants.  This will cause major supply concerns very soon.  Cobalt stocks could rally hard into year end.


Thanks to Jaime Carrasco for this chart showing how cheap gold stocks have become.  They are cheaper than manure! This could be the cheapest time to buy gold ever.

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