Precious Metals Pullback To Uptrend Provides Buying Opportunities in New Bull Market

This is turning out to be one of the most powerful rebounds in gold and
silver's recent history.  For a long time I have advocated patience and
fortitude with respect to wealth in the earth assets and continued to find
the top performers in the junior gold mining sector.  Those that have
stuck with me are positioned now for this great run as I believe that this is the
beginning of a major new bull market.

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I have warned you for weeks now that new investors should wait for pullbacks.

The miners were beaten so low in this bear market that like a compressed spring bounced

so hard so fast that a healthy pullback to upward sloping 50 and 200

day moving averages like we are seeing now is quite healthy and restorative.

Attention should be paid to Treasury Metals (TML.TO) a high quality
Ontario junior gold miner breaking out of a three year base on huge volume this
week.  They published a project update which obviously attracted some
important investors who may believe Treasury is going into production as
it breaks into new highs.  I am most excited about their 2016 exploration
program which has commenced.  I believe there could be some high grade
potential on the property to add ounces.  Treasury also acquired an
Ontario junior gold property.

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See my interview with Treasury by clicking here:

I would like to address NuLegacy Gold Corp (NUG.V or NULGF) who announced
recent assay results for the first 10 holes on its 100% owned gold
property on the Cortex Trend adjacent to Barrick (ABX) that showed some of the
longest intervals to date and may show a distinct deposit to the West and
down dip from the Central Zone.  The COO Dr. Roger Steininger comments,
"Holes RHB-72 and 73 have encountered some of the longest intervals of
continuous gold mineralization on the property to date, and indicate the
potential for a distinct gold deposit of sizable dimensions to the west
of, and down dip from the Central zone".  I am excited that Dr. Steininger who
has been working on the Cortez Trend and found Barrick's Pipeline deposit
finally has the ability to drill some wildcat holes on the 38 sq. mile
property.  Remember this is elephant country with some of the largest and
most profitable mines in the world.  An additional discovery from of these
wildcat holes for NuLegacy could be a game changer.  Why has the stock not
reacted to recent developments.  The stock has undergone recent weakness
as their is a transition from some prior shorter term inside shareholders
(Waterton) to long term strategic investors such Oceana Gold, Barrick and
Toqueville.  Its interesting to see Alex Davidson former VP Exploration of
Barrick showed up on the insider report purchasing 100k units.  Mr.
Davidson is a smart guy. Remember this is a 40+ hole summer program so
there is still a good possibility of some exciting developments this fall.

See the news on recent drilling by clicking here:

See my interview with NuLegacy Gold by clicking on the following link:

For weeks now as soon as K92 Mining (KNT.V or KNTNF) was coming public I
told you to watch this near term gold producer with an all star management
team with a proven track record.  The company has broken out explosively
into new highs as they attracted possibly one of the smartest precious
metals investors in the world Ross Beaty who put $2 million CAD into the
company.  Who is Ross Beaty?  Ross is Founder and Chairman of Pan American
Silver (PAAS) a large dividend paying silver producer with seven operating
mines and 7000 employees.   Mr. Beaty has a knack for acquiring assets at
cheap valuations in bear markets and seeing large returns.

See the news on the recent investment by clicking on the following link:

See my interview with K92 Mining by clicking on the following link:

In conclusion, continue sticking with the highest quality juniors with
real assets backed by some of the smartest minds in the business and wait to use

these pullbacks to rotate and add to your top juniors at key support levels.  The bull
market is just beginning and these companies could continue being attractive

to new investors in our sector.

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and receiving compensation is a conflict of interest as I could personally
benefit from a price/volume increase.  Please do your own due diligence as
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