2 Advanced Near Term Gold Producers in BC Canada

(Premium Update from 5-31-16)

In early March, I highlighted a couple of gold stocks in British Columbia
to my premium subscribers which I believed was on the verge of taking off
after the Osisko investment in Barkerville Gold Mines in February and the
success of Bob Quartermain's Pretium (PVG) Brucejack Discovery.  Remember
British Columbia is known for some of the highest grade gold and silver
deposits in the world.

One of the companies I highlighted IDM Mining (IDM.V or RVRCF) took off and
doubled in value over a two month time span.  They released an updated
larger resource and raised close to $11 million CAD.  IDM attracted Premier
(PG.TO) Gold as a shareholder.
The company is run by Rob Mcleod, a proven
mine finder who sold Underworld Resources for $140 million to Kinross.
IDM's flagship project is Red Mountain located in British Columbia's Golden
Triangle where there has been great success by other top gold companies
such as Seabridge, Pretium and Barrick.  I believe as the gold price
returns and with the favorable US to Candian exchange rate more attention
will be paid to the advanced high grade-near term production projects in BC
like IDM's.

See the recent interview with IDM Mining CEO Rob McLeod by clicking on the
following link:

The other company I highlighted which has not yet taken off yet and has
remained flat is Discovery Ventures (DVN.V or DTVMF).  They recently
announced news that they will be changing their name to MX Gold.

Earlier this year, Discovery Ventures (DVN.V or DTVMF) received a permit to
mine a 10k ton bulk sample at the Willa Deposit and is working on a small
mine permit to start underground mining.  In the news release Discovery
believed that once they receive the remaining permits it could take 4-5
month to start underground operations at a rate of 75k tons per year.  

The company is continuing to upgrade the Max Mill and tailings facility in
the Kootenay Region of British Columbia.  The mill is 132 km north of the
Willa Project.  The company has gone through a major transition in 2015
attracting a new CEO Dan Omeniuk who also has given the company a $7
million line of credit.  Dan also owns more than 7 million shares.

This year in 2016 they announced a new Director of Technical Services Lorne
Warner who was involved with the discoveries at Detour Lake and started his
career at Placer Dome and Noranda.  The company also announced an amended
Preliminary Economic Assessment showing pretty low capex costs.  With all
the excitement in the rising gold price attention must be paid to the high
grade-near term producers in British Columbia.  Some of these stocks have
already doubled or tripled, but others may just begin breaking out. 
Discovery is moving higher on big volume.  The company just filed an
updated management discussion on Sedar yesterday so some smart investors
may have liked what they read.

Best wishes,

Jeb Handwerger

Disclosure: I own securities in IDM Mining and Discovery Ventures.  This
means I could benefit off of an increase in price and volume.  Both
companies IDM and Discovery are also advertising sponsors of my website
which should be considered paid compensation.  This means I have a conflict
of interest and you must do your own due diligence.

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