Why This Alaska Heavy Rare Earth Mine Is Unique

Recent  headlines inform us that the Obama Administration has finally decided to increase pressures on China in the rare earth quandary by joining Japan and the EU in the case before the World Trade Organization.  This may be a move motivated by the upcoming national elections as well as the pressures placed upon the President to say something or anything in response to Romney’s support of Bokan Mountain (Ucore) where he wrote an open letter to Alaskans emphasizing that their state is in the vanguard of America reclaiming rare earth independence.

In this letter written on 3-3-12, which can be found by clicking here, Romney stated, “Rare earth minerals found in Alaska can help free our country from monopolies abroad...in a Romney Administration, you will find permitting reform that will help Alaska unlock its potential, statewide. The federal government should be an ally in the effort to develop more of our nation's resources, not an obstacle.”

Gold Stock Trades has been pounding the drums for over a year now in the need to free America from the shackles of Beijing.  All of the apologias coming out of China as to defending their own rare earth supplies may well be founded on their own legitimate needs.  However, this does not address America’s imperative demand for elements absolutely essential for our national defense and a myriad of everyday essentials in areas ranging from smart phones to automobiles.

At this moment, meetings are being held in Washington to plan solutions.  Funny, how our national needs are consigned to election years and expensive lunches.

Investors who understand America's needs for self sufficiency in heavy rare earths are following the story of Ucore.  In a recent interview with Ken Collison, Chief Operating Officer of Ucore Rare Metals (UCU.V or UURAF), we discuss the recent mine design plan which is incredibly impressive from an environmental perspective, the upcoming PEA study, the daily production rate and experiences from Ken's days at Rio Algom and Thompson Creek which he is now applying at Bokan.

Disclosure: Long UURAF and Ucore is a featured company of Gold Stock Trades.


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