U.S. Gold Making Major Gains, 90% Gain From Original Recommendation

U.S. Gold (UXG) continues to be one of the best stocks in the overall market completely bucking the previous correction.  Please read my previous post from last week where I highlight the 4 major reasons this stock is moving and why I believe it will continue higher.  Click here for previous post.

We will have pullbacks but the next target for UXG is pre crash highs of $7.  UXG is leading the precious metals market as it is at the top of the list in performance over the past 6 months.

Best Performing Stocks
Symbol Company Name Percent Change Chart
RVS Riverstone Resources Inc. 114.81%
GMO General Moly, Inc. 84.34%
APLL Apolo Gold and Energy Inc 81.82%
UXG US Gold Corporation 79.27%
FRG Fronteer Gold Inc. 70.54%
BCLE Bio Clean International In... 50.00%
ANV Allied Nevada Gold Corp. 47.70%
RIC Richmont Mines Inc. 36.37%
DPM Dundee Precious Metals Inc... 34.37%
SA Seabridge Gold Inc. 34.19%

Notice two of our recommendations are up there General Moly and U.S. Gold.  New Gold would be up there as well with a 90 % gain but for some reason bigcharts doesn't classify it as a gold stock.  Taseko is up close to 200% gain for the past year.

Since 2001 I have used technical analysis and specifically relative strength to focus on tomorrow's leaders in the mining sector.  Having a discipline and following strength in a sector that is filled with shameless promotion is key to making gains.  Fundamentals analysis alone will not achieve the same investment return.

Here is a chart from our recommendation point of 6/2/09.

Subscribers have close to a 90% gain and I appreciate all the subscribers who waited patiently through the correction where we gave back a 45% gain.  I believe in holding on to winners.  Stocks that I recommend have potential to make huge gains, but one has to patient as stocks correct and create another base before blasting into new high territory as in the case of UXG.

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  1. You beat the high priced svcs. You go right to the target!No b.s No extraneous print like organic foods like Dines or past history like Stack.their picks have minus signs.yours arevwinners with plusses. You should sub-title your service "WINNING STOCKS RIGHT TO THE POINT.
  2. You are right to the point andyou do not waste my time with b.S. And clap-trap.I am making $ with you unlike the over-blown losers who waste my time and money!
  3. Clint
    Have been sitting in UXG since january 2009. bught my shares at $0.98. :) And after lots of ups and downs i sell just as "everyone" want's in. Stupid is as stupid does.

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