Dollar is Down, Copper and Gold UP

Symmetrical Triangle Symmetrical Triangle

The copper chart above shows a potential breakout which could lead copper significantly higher.  The dollar's chart as well as the long term treasury chart is extremely bearish this is due to two major reasons the excessive debt the USA is getting itself into and the fear that it will not pay back its debts.  Also the copper chart is showing that the global economy is improving which is also bearish for cash as institutions want to invest that cash.  There is a huge amount of cash on the sidelines about to be put into key stocks that will protect against inflation.   Taseko (TGB) already has a great copper mine that will only be more profitable as copper rises and they are at the ground floor of the major Prosperity project in British Columbia which is one of Canada's leading undeveloped gold-copper mines.  This is a great way to be leveraged to the price of gold and copper.

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