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(NGD) New Gold Great Chart

If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!New Gold is an intermediate gold producer with great projects.  They just aquired Western Goldfields.  They have the cash flow to grow and develop new projects such as the New Afton project in British Columbia.  Their management is the best…
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Dollar is Down, Copper and Gold UP

Symmetrical Triangle The copper chart above shows a potential breakout which could lead copper significantly higher.  The dollar's chart as well as the long term treasury chart is extremely bearish this is due to two major reasons the excessive debt the USA is getting itself into and the fear that it will not pay back its…
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Great Opportunity in Taseko

Symmetrical Triangle Formation...Look out for breakout on volume! MACD about to cross. Great Story with prosperity permitting coming out soon. Cheaper oil and labor costs coupled with the massive money supply will give a chance to make huge gains on certain mining stocks. The secret is out China is buying gold and are nervous with…
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