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Rare Earth Investors: Molycorp, Neo Material Deal Could Spark Major Rally

A significant development has arisen in the rare earth sector which is entering into a new global orbit. With one revolutionary move Molycorp (MCP) and Neo Materials Technologies (NEM.TO) makes a dramatic step into The European, Asia and North American regions. Gold Stock Trades is talking bread and butter here and not pie in the sky. For weeks we have called for a major move in the rare earth stocks and how demand is unstoppable. Well, today we are witnessing a major catalyst for the sector as it may be completing the bottoming process. Technical analysis reveal that the rare earth sector is bottoming as well as our other carefully chosen sectors. We have predicted for some time that the heavy rare earth assets with decent infrastructure and strong support would be the place to be. Today, that vision is beginning to be realized.
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Rewards Will Be Great In Rare Earth Mining

Demand is increasing for these elements, for smart phones, for the smaller, more efficient and lighter products, technologies and alternative clean energies. Demand is growing rapidly. The number of companies that will be able to get into production is limited. Mining is a tough business, and especially tough in rare earths, where you have so many moving parts. Despite that—or perhaps because of that—the rewards will be great!
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