NuLegacy Gold $NUG.V $NULGF Could Be Onto Next Goldrush in Cortez Trend

For years NuLegacy Gold's $NUG.V $NULGF CEO James Anderson has been championing the exploration in Nevada's highly desirable Cortez Trend believing that his company could be onto what could be the next great gold mine of this prolific belt.  Mining investors know that it is on the Cortez Trend where the most profitable and safest mines in the world can be found.  

Barrick's (ABX) Goldrush mine on the Cortez Trend in Nevada could be its biggest winner.  Construction is set to start by 2022.  "Goldrush currently has proven and probable gold reserves of 1.5 million ounces and measured and indicated gold resources of 9.4 million ounces, with significant potential to identify additional resources once underground access to drill the deposit is established." (Barrick Website)  There have been very few discoveries like Goldrush in the past 20 years.

If Barrick (ABX) wants to come back its success lies on focusing on Nevada.  They need to find more Goldrush's and that is why I believe they are going to possibly buy NuLegacy $NUG.V $NULGF while it is still cheap.

I saw NuLegacy CEO James Anderson when he joined me on a mining and metals fishing trip around the BMO conference in Miami.  James said he really was excited about this year's program and believed they would be successful.


News today looks like his forecast is being proven credible.   "Drill hole SR18-02C, a -70º angle core hole drilled as a 100-meter step-out to the west of the currently defined Serena zone, encountered 8.7 meters of 16.92 grams/ton gold within a broader interval of 22.1 meters grading 6.59 grams/ton gold starting at a vertical depth of 258 meters."

Look at the Board of Directors of NuLegacy you will see former executives for Barrick and Ed Cope who was the lead exploration man for Barrick states, "...The grade is excellent, and reminiscent of the grades Barrick found while drilling Goldrush several years ago."

Things are moving fast here four follow up holes then about a dozen more in mid-September.  NuLegacy hired a Barrick Geologist Charles Weakly who worked on Goldrush.  He stated, "Everything we saw at Goldrush exists on the Red Hill property...our methodology for finding higher grades is improving constantly.”

Barrick and Oceanagold are already insiders.  Toqueville Gold is also a major fund backing NuLegacy as an insider.  You got the smartest shareholders and the best technical team.  Remember these guys are looking for a grand slam giant deposit.

As the CEO stated before in an interview “Elephant-sized deposits [are] the goal. That is why we have been given the mandate and the geological brain trust to step out and drill some of these high-impact targets. It’s the home run that people are looking for.”

Please see their latest news by clicking here...

Please phone 604-639-3640 contact James Anderson (CEO) at, Albert Matter (Chairman) at  or visit send them a quick hello and congrats and let them know you found out about NuLegacy from your friend Jeb Handwerger.  It would be greatly appreciated.

This could be just the beginning and the breakout needed for NuLegacy Gold.  Please note for full disclosure I am a significant shareholder and they were a sponsor in the past so I may have a conflict of interest and could benefit from a higher share price and increased volume.

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