#LibertyOneLithium $LBY.V $LRTTF Secured Huge Land Position in Argentina Surrounded By Lithium Producers

Lithium is an incredible element that has the ability
to store energy.  That is why lithium has become the element for batteries
which is transforming mobile technology and replacing the internal
combustion engine.
Lithium prices are exploding higher and it may not end soon.
Hundreds of millions of smartphones, tablets and laptops are equipped with
lithium ion batteries.  This demand is increasing as now even power tools
are changing from gas to battery powered. Just walk through Home Depot.
Long term demand for lithium is increasing rapidly especially as electric
vehicles require 20 lbs of lithium.  That is thousand of times greater than
personal electronics.
Tesla’s Model 3 are being reserved at about 1,800 per day.  Tesla
successfully accomplished a major ramp up with the recent gigafactory and
Model 3 release on time which was a huge engineering achievement.  I expect
governments to increase grants and loans for electric vehicles so that
consumers can replace their gas guzzling trucks.  Major carmakers such as
BMW, Volvo, Nissan and GM are looking to increase their market share in
electric vehicle sales.
The real disruptor is Tesla who built a $5 billion battery factory in
Nevada with the goal to sell half a million cars annually by next year.
Investors are buying the stock squeezing the shorts past $350 per share.
Major battery plants are popping up all around Europe.  Even Bolivia is
contemplating and battery plant and producing their own cars.
Warren Buffet is sitting on a record amount of cash as valuations in the
stock market have skyrocketed but he still sees value in Chinese Electric
vehicle maker BYD.   The lithium and Tesla story is reinvigorating the
solar and renewable story which is coming back into favor as these
intermittent sources can now be stored for future use with huge Lithium Ion
I have been blessed to be in this sector for years first highlighting
Lithium, cobalt and graphite long before the masses.  A few weeks ago I
highlighted a new company to keep a close eye on called Liberty One Lithium
$LBY.V $LRTTF which is seeing a major uptick in volume and price due to
some very significant news that may be just the beginning.
I recently spoke with their new CEO Brad Nichol who worked for major oil
company Schlumberger.  Brad is a mechanical engineer starting off as a
reservoir engineer in oil and gas and then went to get his MBA.  He has a
lot of experience in heavy infrastructure and chemistry working with
pipelines and helium purification.
Brad has raised a lot of money over the years which is quite important for
an early stage company like Liberty One which negotiated a deal to secure a
huge land position in the heart of the lithium triangle in Argentina.  Look
at Liberty One’s neighbors within 40 km, Orocobre, Enirgi, Millenial,
Lithium X, FMC and Galaxy.
These are major lithium discoveries with much higher valuations all around
them.   In addition, there is a technical team in place that is well
established in Argentina with lithium experts who know how to permit, drill
and process lithium.
To sum it up lithium is breaking out with the high quality lithium brine
projects in Argentina making significant moves with regards to price and
volume as demand is outstripping supply.
Keep a close eye on Liberty One $LBY.V $LRTTF which is just starting up with a new CEO and
publishing a NI 43-101 technical report showing the opportunity to develop a lithium brine

The company got a new CEO with an exciting background, they published a
technical report which shows it has close to 40k acres in the Pocitos salar
in the center of the lithium triangle.  Pocitos has not been explored at
depth but lithium anomalies were discovered in the past.
Recently the company has been able to raise over $6 million CAD which means
they have sufficient cash to take this project forward over the next year.
A critical aspect of this story is that they are partnered with Millenial
Lithium who has done an impressive job with exploration and development.
Liberty One is an enviable position having the right location with a world
class team with a nice size treasury to fund development over the next
Listen to my recent interview with Liberty One $LBY.V $LRTTF CEO Brad
Nichol by clicking here…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1dPmc2OP8SE
Mr. Nichol is an international entrepreneur who has served and advised
corporations on strategy and finance for over 25 years. Throughout his
career he has served as both senior executive and director of a number of
public and private enterprises across the finance and resource sectors.
Since 2005, he has led the development of several exploration & production
companies in the oil and gas sector, principally based in Calgary,
Alberta. During this period, he led each successive organization through
multiple rounds of private and public project financings, initiated and
executed dual listings, established key international and domestic
financial relations, oversaw M&A, technical, operational, HR, investor
relations, legal and regulatory functions as well as closing several
accretive asset acquisitions and financings in multiple jurisdictions.
Prior to this, Brad served as a Management Consultant at a top-tier
international firm in New York and London advising Fortune 50 corporations
on business and corporate strategies. Previously, Mr. Nichol worked at
Schlumberger, the world’s largest oil and gas services firm. He served in
various technical, managerial, marketing and sales roles in North America,
South America and Europe. The majority of his work focused on reservoir
evaluation and production enhancement strategies. From 1992 until 2001 Mr.
Nichol managed operations and executed projects in Canada, the United
States and South America, including responsibility for reservoir
stimulation and wellbore construction services for BP in Colombia. Mr.
Nichol left Schlumberger to pursue his MBA at one of the world’s top ranked
business schools, the London Business School, in the UK and graduated with
honors in 2003. Mr. Nichol also holds a BSc. in Mechanical Engineering from
the University of Alberta and has been a registered Professional Engineer
since 1994.
Best wishes,
Jeb Handwerger

Disclosure: I own securities in Liberty One and the company is a website
sponsor which means I have a conflict of interest and I am biased as I
could benefit if the price rises and I have been compensated to help
advertise the company.  This contains forward looking statements which may
not come to fruition as small cap stocks are extremely risky.  I may buy or
sell shares at anytime without notice to viewers.  This should be
considered an advertisement and not financial advice.  Article is based on
public information and discussions with management but there may be
inadvertent errors or inaccuracies.


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