Investment Banks Excited Over Future of Electric Vehicles Using Lithium Ion Batteries

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Important developments are taking place in the lithium ion battery sector.  For years we highlighted lithium as the new gasoline.  I highlighted in this article entitled “Lithium-Ion Batteries becoming the fuel of the future” written over two years ago that demand could soar for electric vehicles.

See the article on Seeking Alpha from more than two years ago.

Now two years later even the big player investment banks like Goldman Sachs are finally entering the sector.

Listen to Bob Koort, head of Industrials and Materials research for Goldman Sachs Research, explains how lithium could unlock the mass market potential of electric vehicles.

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I recently sent out a video update highlighting Lithium Americas (LAC.TO or LACDF) and showing the bullish potential the chart was forming pulling back to the 50 Day Moving Average.  The stock bounced off on great volume showing excellent support.

It would not be a surprise to our readers if institutions are looking to add Lithium Americas as it is the most advanced lithium junior with the highest quality asset.  They are partnered with the lowest cost producer SQM in Argentina and trading on the North American exchanges.  This could become an institutional favorite.

Attention should be paid to a news item which may be finally gaining notice. Lithium Americas (LAC.TO or LACDF) appointed former Tesla Senior Engineer Dr. David Deak as Chief Technical Officer.  
According to his Linkedin profile Dr. Deak managed significant projects at Tesla including processing raw materials from Mine to Gigafactory.

Dr. Deak commented, "I am thrilled to join the executive team at LAC. The Company is on an important mission, and is well positioned to play a critical role in enabling sustainable transportation. The Company's commitment to advancing its lithium projects comes at a time when the market requires additional sources of lower cost lithium supply. I have known the principals at LAC for several years, and they have consistently demonstrated a creative approach to solutions in both processing technologies and collaborative business structures.”

This appointment is a huge boost of confidence for Lithium Americas and may start getting attention from the Battery Investment Community.

Big news was released today by Graphite One (GPH.V or GPHOF) of performance tests on coin cells manufactured from the spheroidal graphite that shows high performance and stability.  Graphite One is developing the Graphite Creek Project in Alaska which is the largest known large flake graphite deposit in the USA.  The Company’s PEA is expected to be completed in Q3 2016.  Today’s news may draw attention from the battery manufacturers who are looking to improve power output and efficiency.
“Up to this point, EV battery end-users have had to make a choice between systems that deliver high-power (near 100 kW) and high-energy (tens of kW hours between each charge).

Based on these new results and observations made when processing STAX graphite, we will focus our development work on determining whether our STAX-derived SPG can deliver both high-energy and high-power performance,” said Graphite One CEO Anthony Huston. “We continue to be encouraged by the naturally occurring properties being revealed in our Graphite Creek graphite.” Huston continued, “It is important to note that the economics of our project will not be known at any level of confidence before the completion of a preliminary economic assessment (“PEA”), preliminary feasibility study or feasibility study.”

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Finally I would like to revisit Nano One Materials (NNO.V) which may also be bouncing off the 50 day moving average as the investment community begins to see the unique qualities of this company.  Earlier this month they reported that the design phase of the lithium battery material pilot plant has been completed.

The pilot plant should be completed in early 2017 which could simulate full scale production of cathode materials for the lithium ion battery which are lower cost, cobalt free and better performing.   “We have confidence in our piloting concepts,” said Nano One Materials (NNO.V) CEO Mr. Blondal, “and they have materialized into a platform that should readily scale. With these activities on target and underway, we are well positioned to execute our business plan and advance our strategic objectives.”

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