Nano One (NNO.V) Gaining Validity in Lithium Ion Battery Sector With $2 Million Grant

When you see a small clean tech venture company get a huge non-dilutive,
non repayable grant from a first class organization its time to watch for
huge gains.  Couple that with a classic cup and handle chart and this may
be one of the top winners in 2016 on the TSX Venture.

Nano One Materials (NNO.V) is making a major breakout on huge volume after
they were approved for a $2+ million grant from the Sustainable Development
Technology of Canada.  This capital will allow Nano One to design and
construct a pilot plant to hopefully produce superior lithium ion battery
cathode nano materials a step closer to the commercial level.  Nano One has
patents that they believe could produce nanomaterials that could improve Li
Ion battery performance and reduce costs.

As you know I have been bullish on clean energy especially surrounding the
Lithium Ion Battery, electric vehicles and power storage for years.  There
is a huge amount of institutional capital looking to be deployed in this
sector right now.  Nano One Materials could be the go to stock in 2016 as
the lithium ion battery continues to be growing in demand all over the
world and this new technology could be ground breaking and disruptive.

"Sustainable Development Technology Canada is incredibly proud to support
Nano One," said Leah Lawrence, president and chief executive officer. "Our
mission is to help Canadian cleantech entrepreneurs move their
groundbreaking technologies to commercialization by bridging the funding
gap between research and market entry. Nano One's battery materials pilot
plant is the kind of technology that has the potential to generate jobs,
growth and export opportunities, and to bring lasting economic,
environmental and health benefits to Canadians and the world."

Nano One CEO Dan Blondal said: "SDTC is internationally recognized for
their expertise in cleantech investment, and their rigorous due diligence
and competitive selection process are strong endorsements of our project.
SDTC is very supportive of their portfolio companies so we are honoured to
have earned their confidence, and to be participating in Canadian economic
growth and environmental stewardship."

"This project will help Nano One further its traction within the lithium
ion battery industry," added Nano One chairman Paul Matysek, "and SDTC's
support brings valuable funding and validation while providing the kind of
leverage that investors and strategic interests are looking for."

See the full news release by clicking on the following link: 
Hopefully, the pilot plant will prove that Nano One could reduce cathode
material costs by 50%.  Remember this is a huge market of $2-3 billion
dollars.  Nano One has 2 US patents and more pending.

This could be an exciting year for clean tech especially Nano One as they build out the pilot and show
proof of concept for their materials that could improve battery performance at much lower costs.

The company is collaborating with Noram Engineering and its subsidiary BC
Research to build the pilot production plant which would allow interested
third parties such as battery manufacturers the ability to evaluate the

Noram President Tony Boyd says “We are pleased to support Nano One in
advancing its materials processing technology for battery applications and
look forward to contributing to the commercialization effort.”

Nano One CEO Dan Blondal adds that “This agreement launches a new phase in
our relationship, and it is an exciting time to be leveraging each others
expertise and scaling the technology, especially in light of rising demand
for lithium and electric vehicles.”

Nano One's Chairman is Paul Matysek who is known for his success with
Lithium One, Potash One and Energy Metals.  He took Energy Metals from a
$10 million market cap in 2004 to $1.8 billion in 2007.  Could Nano One
(NNO.V) be the next big win for Paul?

See the chart analysis I did on Nano One (NNO.V) by clicking on the following link: 
The stock broke out at $.30 and made a major run on huge volume to $.40.
Its normal to see some profit taking on new one year highs so don't be
surprised to see some profit taking and pullbacks to the 10 or 20 day
moving average.
It looks like it pulled back to the 10 day moving average
today at $.35 which could be the first area of support.  Cup and Handle
breakouts are quite powerful and could lead to major moves higher.  Don't
miss out on this story and put NNO.V on your radar as it has the
ingredients to be a real winner.

The chart is forming a bullish cup and handle chart with increasing volume.  The company just got a $2 million grant to advance their nano technology on using special cathode materials for lithium ion batteries.  This is no make believe company as it has a great management team behind it with Mr. Matysek and Dr. Campbell.  Dr. Campbell was the principal scientist for Automotive Fuel Cell Cooperation Corp and Ballard Power Systems.  He has over 19 patents to his name and specializes with fuel cells and batteries for the automotive sector.  He led a large research group focused on polymer electrolyte lithium battery materials.

Mr. Matysek was CEO of Lithium One which merged with Galaxy Resources for $112 M.  Before that he was CEO of Potash One which was taken over for $434 million.  Prior to that he was CEO of Energy Metals which was bought out for $1.8 billion.  This is a track record of a winner.

The stock has had so much good news this month and should be higher if it was not for some overhead resistance.  Once that is worked through and as more investors become aware of this unique battery technology story run by the best in the business it could move much higher and breakout.

Look at the recent news this month.  It should start getting recognized by investors so don’t be surprised of a rerating.

Nano One Granted Taiwanese Patent for Battery Applications

Nano One Provides Technology Update

Nano One Approved for $2 Million SDTC Grant

Disclosure: I own shares in Nano One and the company is a website sponsor.
I have a conflict of interest as I could benefit if share price rises.
Please do your own due diligence as I am not a financial advisor.


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