Uranium Miners M&A: Top Uranium Pick Acquired For $150 Million

For over 4 years I have been telling my subscribers that Uranerz is one of the best takeout targets in the whole junior uranium industry.  You can see reports from 2010 that I wrote before Fukushima featuring Uranerz by clicking here... or you can look at a recent report on Uranerz I wrote in early November 2014 featuring Uranerz by clicking here...

I always considered Uranerz a top takeout target in the junior uranium mining sector.

Earlier this morning, Uranerz (URZ) reached a deal that it would be acquired in a friendly all share deal by Energy Fuels (UUUU).  Uranerz shareholders should receive .255 common shares of Energy Fuels.

Uranerz just came into production in April of 2014.  Energy Fuels owns the only operation conventional uranium mill in the US.

Its obvious that Energy Fuels is looking into expanding into Wyoming into lower cost ISR production to survive the downturn which many experts are still expecting to be two years away.  Look for further consolidation in the juniors of U.S. assets.  Some of the top candidates are Laramide (LMRXF), Ur Energy (URG) and Anfield Resources (ARY.V).

See the full news release by clicking here...

See my recent interview with Uranerz COO Paul Goranson by clicking here...

Disclosure: I own URZ, URG, UUUU, LAM.TO and ARY.V.  Anfield and Uranerz are website sponsors.

P.S. See my recent interview with Anfield Resources CEO Corey Dias on their recent acquisition of a uranium mill in Utah from Uranium One by clicking here...

P.P.S.  I will be speaking at the 20th Annual Vancouver Resource Conference on January 19th, 2015 at 1PM.  The topic will be “Picking The Winners in the

Junior Mining Sector Despite The Worst Bear Market in History”.
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P.P.P.S.  I was recently interviewed by Palisade Radio which can be seen by clicking here...


Takeaways from the interview were:

● Overall thoughts on the mining and natural resource sectors moving into 2015

● Understanding how to measure value as an investor, why it’s crucial to not chase high valuations in the stock market

● The junior mining sector, and why it’s Jeb’s favorite investment

● Jeb’s thoughts on the uranium sector, and why smart money is investing in the "other yellow metal"

● How the republican win in congress can make way for growth in the uranium sector


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