Ucore Rare Metals (UCU) Assembles Highly Experienced Mine Development Team

Recently, Mitt Romney wrote an open letter to Alaskans emphasizing that
their state is in the vanguard of America reclaiming rare earth
independence. He specifically supported Ucore's Bokan Mountain which is
the most advanced heavy rare earth asset on U.S. soil.

In this letter written on 3-3-12, Romney stated, “Rare earth minerals
found in Alaska can help free our country from monopolies abroad...in a
Romney Administration, you will find permitting reform that will help
Alaska unlock its potential, statewide. The federal government should be an
ally in the effort to develop more of our nation's resources, not an

This statement by Mitt Romney came days before Ucore's hiring of an
experienced permitting expert to get Bokan into production in a timely
manner. Ucore's Jim McKenzie states,

"Few people would have the broad skill set and Alaska-specific knowledge
that Randy brings to Ucore. He'll be working in close cooperation with the
State of Alaska, the US Forest Service, and associated regulators to bring
Bokan into production without delay. Randy represents the first of a
comprehensive team of mine development specialists being assembled by Ucore
COO Ken Collison, and we welcome him to the Ucore team."

Read the full press release by clicking here...

It must be remembered that Ken Collison who is assembling this team and taking on
the responsibility of advancing this mine closer to production, was the
Chief Operating Officer of Thompson Creek from 2005-2009.

During Ken's  tenure at Thompson Creek the stock went from $.50 to $24.

He has over 40 years of experience in the mining industry and extensive experience in
operations as well as permitting and preparation of feasibility studies.
He is a man of little words, but a lot of action. To put it simply, Ken
knows how to run successful and profitable mining operations.

Ken Collison took time out of his busy schedule working on the upcoming
PEA to explain why he has taken on the responsibility of building a mine at
Bokan after more than four decades of mining and a lot of success.

We ask Ken a question, "Why did you come to Ucore at this stage of your
career?" Ken's answer...three reasons...grade, grade and grade.  We discuss how                                                                                the x ray technology plays a significant role from a mining engineering perspective.

Disclosure: Ucore is a featured company and we are long UURAF.  Please do your own due diligence before investing in any stock.

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