Fed Announces Record Low Interest Rates Until Late 2014 and Commodities Soar

Presently we notice the European Central Bank is pumping money into the sovereign institutions following the precedent of the U.S. Federal Reserve.  Indeed, this move is an admission that debt is being monetized before our very eyes.  Once again the lemmings have jumped off a cliff into what they mistakenly thought was a safe haven.  Isn’t that the name of the game, which is to get you to swing at the wrong pitch at the wrong time?     As we write, the Federal Reserve has announced the expansion of the future horizon of record low interest rates from mid 2013 until late 2014. This rally from October 4th, 2011 is continuing surprising many who have been waiting for a pullback to reenter.

We have just returned from the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference this morning and had some time catching up with some of our GST select companies who appear to be rapidly progressing.  We plan on publishing some interesting reports over the next couple of weeks on some exciting companies.  Make sure to subscribe to my free 30 day trial of my premium service by clicking here... Don't miss out!

Listen to my recent interview below from the Vancouver Investment Conference this past weekend highlighting a major rally in the uranium and rare earth stocks.   I am also very bullish on junior gold explorers who are trading at fractions of what they are really worth.


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