Uranium Miners Break Through Critical 200 Day Moving Average To The Upside

When it was not fashionable to advocate uranium miners, we recognized that nuclear power remains a viable contributor to inexpensive electrical energy vital to the needs of not only major industrial nations, but to developing countries throughout the world.  We refused to succumb to the uppercuts of pessimism that were battering even the champions in the sector.

We continue to see the powerful resurrection of the entire nuclear energy sector especially our rising stars.  Now uranium is beginning to see increased interest and has powerfully rebounded off of late 2011 lows.

One of our featured companies just broke through its 200 day moving average to the upside and just announced that they received better than expected uranium grades in holes drilled for well-field installation.  This uranium miner is located right here in the United States in the Powder River Basin which has been producing uranium for over five decades.  The company is well funded and fully permitted for construction.  Take a look at their latest press release by clicking here.

Check out their recent progress on construction by clicking here...


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