Industrial End Users Are Partnering With Rare Earth Miners To Break Free From China

It has been a long contention of ours, that large industrial entities will seek productive rare earth mines in friendly jurisdictions. Yesterday, Toyota signed a memorandum of understanding with Matamec (MAT:TSX Venture) in friendly Quebec. Expect more of these overtures by leading industrial end users as they strive to break free of the Chinese dominance.

Toyota urgently needs heavy rare earths for their hybrid and electric vehicles which are growing in increasing demand. Other western nations will awaken to the need to seek sources of heavy rare earths.

Recently, Korea made a deal with Frontier Rare Earths (FRO:TSX). This may put into question those analysts who cautioned erroneously that these rare earths can be produced in labs or substituted by other elements or engineered out of automobiles. So much with the irrational views of those pundits who may be representing the acquirers buying rare earths inexpensively.

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