U.S. Gold Leading Junior Miners, Drilling New Areas

U.S. Gold (UXG) is one mining company where the CEO puts his money where his mouth is.  Rob Mcewen believes UXG will be on the SP500 and his aggressive drilling in Mexico is proving to the investment community that he has a major mine there.  Rob owns 21% of the shares much more than any other CEO in the business.

The chart shows that in the past 6 months UXG has been outperforming gold.  It is showing great relative strength.  I believe it will continue to do so as new areas in Mexico start drilling in June and he is continuing to show expanded mineralization.  Expect more positive results and outperformance of UXG especially how active they are drilling.

Chart shows a strong breakout on good volume and now it is making a bullish continuation wedge.  Look for an upside breakout.

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  1. Biodoc
    Is mixed metal miner NAK, now off your radar, or is it still considered as a gold investment?
  2. doctor ED
    Wow!Your picks are succinct and to the point.and profitable.Just right fo And profitable!unlike the others whogive B.S and are a waste of my precious time.at long last- am making MONEY!

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