One of the Best Gold and Silver Mining Exploration Stock U.S. Gold

Today U.S. Gold (UXG) came out with exceptional drilling results.  As I announced last week before there meeting in New York, that I believed that important news will come out.  Their El Gallo project is quite impressive as they are observing increasing mineralization and they are continuing to explore the property they acquired from Nevada Pacific.  They don't even know how big that project can become.

They are also bringing out another drill in Nevada where they started actively drilling at the end of May.  They are exploring the outer edges of the Tonkin project to see if there are similar mineralizations as the huge Barrick project.

Rob Mcewen is on a mission to build a huge company, which he has done before.

As the chart shows we are breaking out here and I do believe this trade has an opportunity to make huge gains.


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