Oil Versus Gold Chart Analysis


The spread of the price of gold to oil is extreme and there seems to be some interesting opportunities in the energy exploration and energy services area.  Recently a lot of money has been flowing into both of these areas and the trends are changing.  Projects that would not work at $40 a barrel would certainly proceed at $80.  I would want to find companies that offer leverage to the price of oil.  In one area there have recently been major mergers.  Some of the smaller players have the opportunity to be taken over at huge premiums.

One area that is still quite undervalued and out of the headlines is uranium.  Uranium powers 16% of the world's energy supply and there are many nuclear power plants being built across the world and many more filing applications.  Power plant projects are costly.  There is bipartisan support in the US for nuclear plants due to reduction of carbon emissions.

I have great opportunities in both areas.  Stay tuned to my free newsletter to hear of these two opportunities.

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