Our Stocks 6-4-09

BARE did not trigger a buy as we had the buy point at 10.51...maybe it will hit that tomorrow.

TGB was up but it does have resistance at the $2 area which it will take some time to breakthrough.

NGD was unchanged and is now building a "handle."

UXG was up around 6% and closed at the high of the day.  Look for a breakout through $2.75.

GMO was up 10% today on good volume exactly how we saw it would play out.

We are long these four positions TGB,NGD,UXG and GMO.

6 Responses

  1. Tuni Singh
    It seems that NGD is at its 20 day. Would you suggest waiting for the pullback to 50day around $2.18 to come in if I missed the train?
  2. Tuni Singh
    Do you think TGB will pull back to 50day MA-around $1.45?
  3. Anticipate Opportunities
    Great possibility since the GDX might have a pullback.
  4. Anticipate Opportunities
    Let's see what it does at the 20 it doesn't appear that we are there yet.
  5. Tuni Singh
    GMO hit 2.50 which is support and at the 200 Day MA. It hit it bounced and closed at 2.65. Volume declining-do you think it may break support-or is this a buy point?
  6. Anticipate Opportunities
    Remember the true support was the previous breakout at $2. Look at how it interacts with the 20 day Moving average.

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