Stock Pick for 6-4-09 (NOT a Mining Stock)

I sometimes include on this blog for some of our followers some tradeable picks that are not mining stocks.

This pick is gaining popularity as a healthy cosmetic company with environmentally friendly products and excellent earnings growth and return on equity.

The company is Bare Escentuals (BARE).

BARE 6-3-09

BARE is about to break out of a bullish symmetrical triangle base after a breakout gap.  Look for a breakout through 10.50.

4 Responses

  1. Eric
    Hi, do you have a stop in on this trade and if so what price? I bought a third between 9.70-10 witht he idea of buying a third more on this pullback and another third on a confirmed breakout above 10.50. Thoughts?
  2. Anticipate Opportunities
    We did not get into Bare as it did not trigger our buy point at $10.51.
  3. Tuni Singh
    Since we are discussing non gold stocks- What do you think about URE? I think it is building a base and I'm thinking to take a leap at strike price $7.00 for 1/11. Any thoughts?
  4. Anticipate Opportunities
    As I showed on DIA chart I am quite nervous of the overall US market. If you look at the individual homebuilder stocks they look quite bearish with trends being broken and failed rallies. I would be careful on real estate especially as mortgage rates are increasing rapidly.

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