Our Picks This Week/Market Summary 6/2/09

Let's review our picks so far.


TGB (Taseko)

Bought at 1.60

Now it is 1.91

19% Gain Recommended on 5/26/09


NGD (New Gold)

Bought at 2.50

Now it is 3.04

22% Gain Recommended on 5/28/09


GMO (General Moly)

Bought at 2.00

Now it is 2.68

34% Gain Recommended on 5/28/09

5 trading days goldstocktrades subscribers made 25% on there money.

We are still long on these positions but we keep trailing stops and we will post as soon as those sell signals are triggered.  Please keep checking in.

2 Responses

  1. BioDoc
    Do you follow a "rule of thumb" with your trailing stops? Is it the same percentage for all of your picks?
  2. Anticipate Opportunities
    Generally, I use 10% but it is unique to the stock...I also look at support resistance, fibonacci and moving averages to make stop loss decisions.

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