Retirement Crisis

"Our nation's system of retirement security is imperiled, headed for a serious train wreck. That wreck is not merely waiting to happen; we are running on a dangerous track that is leading directly to a serious crash that will disable major parts of our retirement system."

-- John Bogle, Feb. 24, 2009

Many people we come across tell me they are invested in the market with a financial adviser and they don't even look at what they are invested in are how they are invested.  They place their hard earned money in load mutual funds where they pay huge fees in ignorant bliss.

So many have lost their retirement or as Madoff has shown these so called advisors are emperors with no clothes.  Buy and hold investors have been destroyed or in some cases duped.

In this blog we highlight specific companies that are breaking out using technical analysis.  Technical analysis gives one of the tools to know which direction the market is going.  We look at price and volume.  We also look at key fundamentals of a company that has the ability to grow.   Staying on the right side of the trend and managing risk is crucial to make good returns and have a retirement.

Finding small companies that are about to grow exponentially gives one the opportunity to make huge gains.  Please follow along as we recommend low priced companies that are about to explode higher.  I'm sure you won't regret it.  We do our research, we take chances, and we admit when a trade or stock has went against us and we preserve capital.  Straight double talk from other so called financial experts.

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